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When fashion unify forces with entertainment and becomes a lifestyle event.

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Client: Viva Glam Global
Date: 2 October, 2018
Services: Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Public Relations

Viva Glam Global brings a refreshing approach to both the world of fashion and entertainment, with a cross-cultural initiative that will leave everyone talking. We have elaborated a series of trimestral special networking events that will celebrate and promote today’s hottest fashion, beauty, and entertainment trends from an international perspective. Each event brings together the “movers and shakers” of the City of Miami: designers, entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry (television, magazine, radio and blogs), fashion business executives, local and national television personalities, celebrities and the city’s most influential business owners.

Every year Viva Glam Global will count with a feature during the fall season, this event will include a full strength fashion show, live music showcase, some of the best chefs in town and a spectacular fashion bazaar with the perfect mix of local, national and international vendors.

Viva Glam Global is projected to generate over 1 billion impressions (national and international) thru digital, physical/print, and televised press, definitely making of Viva Glam Global the perfect event to see and be seen both as a guest and specially as a powerful brand. This networking and entertaining atmosphere is certainly the meeting point of reference to those that enjoy fashion and entertainment with a “Spicy Spin.”


Average Age: 25 – 34 and 35-44 (average age 34 – average age 33)

Sex: women 65% men 35%

Target Audience Composition: 70% Hispanic, 28% White and 2% African Americans


Social Class: Especially the middle class and stronger than the average consumer.

Lifestyle: Professionals working in the fashion and/or entertainment industries, and/or people with a high interest in professional growth in fashion and / or entertainment.

Behavior: The search for professional contacts in an environment of growth and business strengthening.

public relations.

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