“Mateo Blanco’s Madonnas” showstoppers in Miami


Mateo Blanco and Princess Leia are prepared to start the 2018

The artist Mateo Blanco exhibited for the first time in Miami his art collection titled “Desire”, inspired by the queen of pop Madonna, and inaugurated during the most important art week in South Florida.

The week of Art Basel served as stage to present new pieces of kinetic art by the artist Mateo Blanco, which portray 80’s queen of pop “Madonna, and are exhibited in the art gallery of the famous curator Virginia Miller, accompanied by an iconic original painting of the famous Andy Warhol. “It is an honor to present my work of art alongside a piece of the iconic artist Andy Warhol. We have been closely inspired by the same muse and the result has been wonderful”, says Mateo Blanco.

Kinetic art is practiced by few artists around the world, and the detailed work done by Mateo generated good feedback from artists like Tomas Sanchez, one of the greatest living cuban painters in the world, who described the works as “beautiful and original.” “I found very interesting the amount of art I was able to see during Art Basel, yet I maintain my firm stance that art must continue to evolve and innovate and not dwell on the past.” Mateo Blanco stated. Due to the positive impressions generated by the “Desire” collection, the pieces of artwork will remain in the gallery ArtsSpace Virginia Miller until January of next year.

Meanwhile, only a few days before the premiere of the new saga of the much anticipated film Star Wars, Mateo Blanco is working on the final details of his new piece of artwork inspired by the unforgettable Princess Leia.  Made with ropes, and  reflecting the exact moment when the Princess of the galaxy is subjected to slavery, the piece art seeks to make an analogy and is attempt of solidarity with the many victims in Hollywood and around the world who have raised their voices this year to denounce sexual harassment.  The finished piece will be unveiled in early 2018.